Aug 3

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Ready to Lead

I was inspired to run for Everett’s city council for a few reasons. I am a strong leader and I have something to say. Everett needs governance on some very complicated issues and problems, and I am ready to address those issues.


I want to focus on the budget deficit, covid recovery, and local/regional transit needs in Everett. I also want to increase representation on the council and serve as the first openly queer Everett City Councilmember.


The redistricting efforts underway in Everett is a prime time to expand representation of the council. We need more people of color, individuals with differing abilities, people from different classes, and queer people represented.


I care immensely about what happens in Everett, and in District 5. 


I am running for office because I have the skills and abilities to do a good job on behalf of the people of Everett.

Forest Scene

Passionate About A Better Tomorrow

(excerpts of Kelly's bio)

Kelly Fox is a queer cis-gendered woman, born and raised in Southern California. As a child she spent weekdays with her mom, and weekends with her dad and stepmom. She is the second oldest of five kids and is the only girl. She enjoyed helping take care of her younger brothers, and assisting her mother navigate social service and local government programs.

Food stamps and food banks ensured she and her family could eat. Family court and foster care ensured she was safe and sound. When Kelly was sexually assaulted at a young age, these services got her to safety and provided the support necessary for her to return home. These experiences shaped her values and ideals. She made giving back, and helping others in need, her purpose in life...

...She put herself through college using scholarships, financial aid, and work study.... At 23, Kelly got her master’s degree in Social Work...After work, Kelly Fox was active in her community.

...Ms. Fox’s career ... helped the community and armed Kelly with the knowledge necessary to be a City Councilmember. 

Making Everett Better for Everyone.

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